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Recovery Pod Winter Cover

Recovery Pod Winter Cover

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Buy the best fully-portable ICE BATH today, and take the NORDIP to unlock all the benefits of Nordic Ice Baths!

Upgrade your cold water therapy experience with our Thermal Weather Cover for your Nordip Ice Bath™. This insulated lid fits your Nordip perfectly, providing extra protection against the elements and keeping your water fresher for longer.

Our weather cover helps to lock in the cold and keep bugs, debris, and other unwanted elements out of your ice bath. With a simple pull of the cord, you can achieve a perfect fit for all ice bath sizes.

Don't let the weather stop you from enjoying the benefits of cold water therapy. Click the link to purchase your Thermal Weather Cover today and take your ice bath experience to the next level!

Our Goal

Nordips goal is to make the ancient tradition of Nordic Ice Bath's accessible to everyone. You no longer need to spend £1000's on a custom ice bath or use a dirty old wheely bin (yes people actually do this)! With our Nordip Ice Bath you can experience a natural high feeling and unlock the amazing health benefits of cold water therapy from anywhere - without breaking the bank! 

Cold plunge benefits

❆ Helps boost immune system
❆ Improve blood circulation
❆ Better sleep
❆ Boost energy & focus levels
❆ Prevent/help depression
❆ Increasing your dopamine levels
❆ Reduce inflammation & muscle soreness
❆ Faster metabolism
❆ Improve mood
❆ Reduce chronic pain
❆ Practice discipline & resilience

Ice Bath Origins

Ice baths are an ancient Nordic traditionIce baths have been around for thousands of years, First emerging as a Scandinavian staple in the 19th century, the ice bath has seen a nordic renaissance. More than just a healthy habit, cold water swimming is now an institution, with celebrities, family, and friends alike embracing regular cold plunges.


❆ 80cm Diameter

❆ 70cm Height

❆ 270L Water Capacity

❆ 3kg Empty

❆ 270KG When Full

❆ Easy Flow Drainage System

What’s included

❆ 1 x Ice Bath Pod

❆ 1 x Protective Lid

❆ 6 x Durable Support Legs

❆ 1 x Inflable Seating Cushion

❆ 1 x Hand Pump

❆ 1 x Drain Hose

❆ 1 x User Manual

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    Take the NORDIP to unlock all the benefits of Nordic Ice Baths!

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